Early morning ride in the city

Do you want to experience Stockholm city from in the saddle?

Follow us on a dawn ride through Stockholm’s sleeping streets! We ride all weekends to the end of September, even weekdays v. 27-31. We ride on Stockholm pedestrian streets at approx 6:00 to 8:15 and ends with morning coffee and buffet breakfast ‘in our fine facilities. This is a unique experience that you will always remember.

Description: Now you have the chance to ride the middle of Stockholm city! We ride Vallhallavägen up past Stureplan and striding along a pedestrian Kungsgatan, hear the hooves echo between the buildings, then cross the Haymarket and continues through the Royal Garden, around the old town to Riddarholmen. We then ride up on Storkyrkobrinken up in the old town, passing the castle and rides castle hill down. On the way home we ride past the Grand Hotel Nybroviken and Strandvägen where it is said that the most beautiful apartments in the world there. After that we look at all the beautiful buildings in the diplomatic city and cross the farm back. Please see this movie clip.

Requirements: Only for those with at least four riding experience (experienced rider – Having ridden a few / several years, wants a forward horse) who mastered the horse in all gaits.

Time: May-September / October Saturday / Sunday. Gather at 5:30 in the morning. Time spent about 3.5 hours.

Price: 1,130 SEK fr 1 June-18 1.180 kr

If you live far away, you have the opportunity to rent a small apartment with two beds.